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ARTC EA Update – 2 August

Aug 2, 2016News

Combined Unions ARTC NSW Enterprise Agreement Negotiations Newsletter


The Combined Unions met with ARTC this morning. Instead of genuinely negotiating to reach agreement with your unions on key issues including pay, allowances, safety, and the protection of basic entitlements and fair processes in the EA, ARTC instead presented the unions with a revised Enterprise Agreement document and announced it was taking this EA to their employees for a vote. The only difference to the document that you voted emphatically to reject last December, is a reduction in the employees the document is to cover and a reduction in the consultation provisions, lowering the standard of consultation to the legal minimum standard required by the Fair Work Act 2009.


Last week the ARTC CEO circulated a document alluding that ARTC must abide by the Federal Government’s Workplace Bargaining Policy (WBP). Through our ongoing proceedings in the Fair Work Commission on this matter, the company confirmed that there is no Government Policy Order requiring ARTC to comply with the WBP. ARTC is able to make employees a better offer; they are able to negotiate on a range of conditions including back pay. Why are they refusing to negotiate? Why are they instead seeking to take punitive action against employees by reducing the offer? It is simply not good enough.

Considering the company’s position the planned industrial action will continue as advised. Members of the Combined Unions, who are covered by the NSW Enterprise Agreement 2012, will take industrial action starting from 7am Wednesday 3rd August 2016.


No Member should speak to any media unless authorised by the unions. All enquiries should be directed to your Organiser.

No Member should discuss, comment or use social media for any matter regarding industrial action, unless advised by your union (eg with a memo provided). Discussing the industrial action or criticising ARTC via social media may place you and your union personally at risk of legal action.

Contacts; General Questions – 02 92642511 or your local Delegate.


RTBU Greg 0418 289 334
RTBU Graham 0400 305 066
ETU Ben 0400 264 007
Professionals Aust Alison 0421 612 569

Vote No

Of course when you receive a ballot from ARTC we strongly urge each and every ARTC employee to Vote No. If not you will be even worse off then you are now. ARTC’s is just showing contempt to its employees by making this offer.

Members will be kept informed by email and through your web page and on occasion by SMS to your mobile phone. Again members are reminded to ensure your contact details are correct. Members can also contact their local delegate or Organiser for further advice.

Read the full newsletter here.

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