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Aug 10, 2016News

In an extremely disappointing development the ARTC has reneged on its commitment to meet with the combined rail unions just two days after ARTC CEO John Fullerton agreed to meet with your representatives in Newcastle this Tuesday 9 August.

In an effort to move the dispute toward resolution RTBU NSW Branch Secretary, Alex Claassens, on behalf of the combined rail unions contacted Mr Fullerton and offered to withdraw two one hour workplace stoppages on Monday if Mr Fullerton agreed to meet in Newcastle on Tuesday.

The RTBU National Lawyer wrote to HR Manager Jennifer McAuliffe on Sunday confirming the proposal. Ms McAuliffe then began correspondence to our National Lawyer on Monday disputing what was agreed and late Monday afternoon after the proposed stoppage was called off, wrote to the unions and called the meeting with the CEO off.

In ARTC’s rush to portray their workers and the Union as irresponsible and at fault, the ARTC had forgotten that they had already published what really happened.

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