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Are there “fatal flaws” in Rio Tinto’s driverless trains plan?

Aug 18, 2016Loco Express
Mining giant Rio Tinto is having difficulties with AutoHaul, its driverless trains program.
The company is spending $US518 million on the problematic driverless trains, claiming that AutoHaul will save the company up to an hour per train (although here at the Loco Division we struggle to believe it takes a full hour to stop and re-start a train!)
However, according to reports in The Australian, the automated train rollout is not going to plan, and ongoing software issues could cause the company’s iron ore expansion to be delayed by another two years.
The reports cast doubt on whether the driverless trains program could be delivered at all. Rio Tinto chief financial officer Chris Lynch reportedly said he was “unwilling to rule out the potential for fatal flaws in the system.”
If you subscribe to The Australian, you can read the full article here.
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