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Application for Good Faith Bargaining Orders

Nov 17, 2017News

Your RTBU negotiating team today filed an application for Good Faith Bargaining Orders in the Fair Work Commission. This decision was made by your team after management’s continued failure to provide the information requested to assist in negotiating your new Agreement.

This application will force Sydney and NSW Trains management to stand up in front of the Fair Work Commission and explain why they have not provided critical information such as what savings have been achieved during the time since we last negotiated an Agreement.

This is despite management saying that to achieve a pay rise above 2.5%, your negotiating team must show employee related cost savings.

This case will be heard by the Fair Work Commission in the coming days and we will keep you updated on what happens next. This is our chance to get the assistance of the Commission to make management bargain in good faith.

Download a PDF of the announcement here.

Download PDF