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Apr 24, 2020News

Recently, the RTBU Tram and Bus Division was invited to lay a tribute in honour of ADF personnel present and past at the war memorial Hamilton Depot. 

As the normal ANZAC day service was not held this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, this was a very small ceremony with Divisional President, Daniel Jaggers and delegates from Hamilton. Also as part of the occasion, local artist Lynette Saunders kindly donated an art work to be laid at the foot of the memorial.

The memorial is dedicated to tram and bus drivers who served in WWI and WWII but has come to represent our comrades who have served and sacrificed in defence of Australia through the years.

ANZAC Day has been commemorated on or near the site since 1918.

This ANZAC Day has been like no other and Australians have been taking appropriate measures to keep each other safe. However, it’s still important that we mark the occasion and honour our tradition on this very important day.