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ALP pledges all-night and guardian services

Mar 16, 2015Loco Express

The ALP has pledged to bring back guardian train services and also to introduce all-night train services from Kings Cross to Town Hall and Central – two things that the RTBU has been pushing heavily for.

While the specific details of what the guardian services will look like is yet to be revealed, having increased security on weekend evenings is definitely urgently needed.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said that since the Government cut Transit Officers, assault rates on the network haven’t decreased, despite claims from the Government.

“Commuters and workers deserve to know that someone is looking out for their safety when they board a train, especially at night,” Mr Hayden said.

“Safety should be the number one priority of any government, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case with the current government.”

The all-night service to Kings Cross is an idea the RTBU has been pushing as an important way of increasing safety on the network.

Currently the last train leaves Kings Cross at 1.41am and the next one isn’t until 5.14am. In one of the state’s most popular night-spots, the difficulty and safety concerns that causes are obvious.

Under the ALP plan the service would run every 15 minutes on Friday and Saturday nights between 1am and 5.15am.

While the specifics need to be thoroughly discussed in regards to both proposals, the RTBU believes this is a step in the right direction.

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/alp-pledges-all-night-and-guardian-services/#sthash.SvOB4FJE.dpuf

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