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Agreement in Principle for Future Operations

Oct 9, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 53 – 2017

To: All Sydney Trains Guards

RTBU guards members are advised that an Agreement-in-Principle has been reached for the Future Operations project.

The Guards’ Agreement in Principle will now be put to a vote of affected employees. Some key points in the package:

  1. Working on a Book Off Day Payment (WOBOD) will be funded from the end of guard practice drives and guard relief ratios;
  2. There will now be an aggregation of the Cab Allowance and Security Allowance into your hourly rate.

A depot tour will take place from Monday 16th to Friday 27th October for you to get detailed information on the proposed changes. Details of the meetings will follow. All members are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting to get the facts on the proposal before you vote.

Following the depot tour, affected employees will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed changes. The voting period will be open from Friday, 27th October until Friday, 3rd November.

Voting will be conducted by the Election Consulting Group (ECG) via a confidential online ballot.

The proposed changes can only be made if a majority of affected employees who do vote are in favour of the changes. The full Agreement-in-Principle is available for review as a hard copy in your depot and in electronic form on the Sydney Trains Intranet.

For further information please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU on 92642511.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Mick Cartwright


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary