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A NEW HOPE SafeWork NSW agrees with Station Staff on Prolonged Standing!

Oct 16, 2020News

Bulletin No: 57.20

Last night, SafeWork NSW agreed with your elected Delegates and HSRs on their concerns that Station Staff are being exposed to an unacceptable risk to their health and safety from prolonged standing.  

SafeWork NSW issued Sydney Trains an improvement notice which directs them to:

in consultation with workers and their elected representatives, regularly review the control measures in place to prevent and/or minimise workplace risks from prolonged standing when working at the hub and/or gates at Strathfield Station.”

The RTBU used Strathfield Station as a test case which successfully showed that prolonged standing is a legitimate safety issue on the Sydney Trains network. Congratulations to all members and delegates from Strathfield Station who stood together as a union and were not shy to speak up about their legitimate health and safety concerns relating to prolonged standing.   

Time and time again we have told Sydney Trains management that Station Staff are being exposed to serious health and safety risks from prolonged standing. For too long Sydney Trains management have blatantly disregarded the seriousness of these concerns leaving many Station Staff fatigued, stressed and with possibly musculoskeletal injuries.

RTBU Station Staff members have said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” This is the first hit back at the unfair practices Station Staff have been subjected to for too long.

Given the improvement notice RTBU Station Staff demand that Sydney Trains take prolonged standing seriously and remedy this health and safety risk by reinstating chairs in Garrisons and at barriers gates for ALL stations!

Having a chair to sit down in is not an unreasonable demand! It is a basic human right.   

The RTBU urges any Station Staff who are feeling fatigued, stressed, or injured from prolonged standing to immediately contact the RTBU and to also report it to Sydney Trains injury and incident hotline.

Sydney Trains have an obligation from SafeWork NSW to prevent and/or minimise workplace risks from prolonged standing. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Bring back the chairs!

Any questions, please contact your local RTBU delegate.

Issued by:
Trent Hunter
  Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

Click HERE to download the bulletin.